Sport club „LTCS”  (Latvian Taekwon-do  Central School).
 Riga, Pardaugava.
 Address: Riga, Liepājas street 3b.
 Director of Club – Master Vjacheslav Semenkov. Club have offer next classes: Taekwon-do ITF, Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, Judo. Club was founded in 1988. based on  „FORLAS” Gym, sport club „LTCS”, was founded by Vjacheslav Semenkov.
Club's Taekwon-do instructors: Sharmena Lukashevicha (1.Dan), Armands Shlars (3.Dans).  Main instructor – Master Vjacheslav Semenkov (8 Dan).  On WEB:

Club „Sonkal”.
Ikšķile, Skolas iela 2.
Director of club – Maris Sudzans (1.Dan).
Club was founded from 2006 in Riga's Region, Ikskile city. Main club's priority is the ppropaganda of healthy style of life and to present taekwon-do ITF for children and adults, to take part in sport activity and  achievement of high sport results.
Club „Hvarang”
Aizkraukle city.
 Club was founded in  2015.
Director of Club and  Taekwon-do ITF instructor: Georgy Kalugin (3 Dan) & Armands Slars (3 Dan).
Sport Club  K-Sport 
Liepāja city, Brīvības street 117.
Difector of club - Genady Chikomasov,
Club have offer next classes: Boxing, Kckboxing, Taekwon-do ITF, Taekwon-do WTF, K-1.
Taekwon-do ITF Instructor - Nikolay Sorokin (2.Dan).

Club „Vecumniekia.
Vecumnieki city, Rigas street 24.
Club was founded in  2015.
Director of Club and  Taekwon-do ITF instructor: Juris Reinvalds (1.Dan).

Taekwon-do club „Rēzekne”.

Rēzekne city, Baznīcas street 8a-2.

 Director of club – Jānis Grāveris (2.Dans). On WEB: