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09-11th of November  European Challenge Taekwon-do ITF Tournament BALTIC AMBER CUP 2018

Traditional annual Tournament was held in Riga's National Sports Arena. !5 clubs fropm 6 countries took part inthis main Taekwon-do ITF Event in Latvia which was dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Birthday of the Founder of the ITF and Father Taekwon-do General Choi Hong Hi and the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia.  To the medals fought the club's teams of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. The first Team Overalls place and the main cup went to sportsmen from the club "KWON" (Estonia). Special thanks for the support of the competition to the sponsors "TORŅU saldumi", "MEGO", "ELPIS", "Live Riga", and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Riga City Council. More information about the competition on the WEB site: www.ambercup.lv ecība:

 Participated countries:               

International Team's ITF Championship OPEN RIGA 2018 was hold in Riga.

01-02 of June 2018 in Riga was held Team's ITF championships OPEN RIGA 2018. More then 100 competitors from Baltic States countries participated in this Championships for Cadets, Juniors, Adults and Veterans. There are 15 teams took part in this events. Best result was showed Latvian club LTCS ( Latvian TKD Central School)? second was team Hvarang (Aizkraukle) and third Team "Gintarinis Tigeras" from Lithuania.        

GOLD medals was won by Latvian competitor in EUROPEAN Championship 2018

23-29 of April 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia was held European Taekwon-do ITF Championships. More then 800 competitors from 33 countries participated in this Championships for Children, Juniors, Adults and Veterans. There are 10 persons in our delegation in EITF Championships in Tallinn and 5 of them was compete.  Great success and Gold medal of European championship won Romuald Krupenkov in sparring -73kg ( Silver Veterans).

1 Silver & 2 Bronze medals was won by Latvians in World Cup 2017

1-3 of Dec. 2017 in Minsk, Belarus was held International Martial Arts Games. It was a great Event of Martial Arts, more then 4000 participants from 71 countries took part in this Games and compete in 16th kinds of MA in Minsk. Most biggest from them was ITF World Cup 2017. 1500 participants was where. Where was 9 competitors from Latvia took part in ITF World Cup 2017 and thee of them was successful.  Polina Medvedeva was Silver medal in Junior Patters 1-2 degree, cadet Sergey Gushchin (-55kg) and junior Roman Izotov (-69kg) won Bronze medals in sparring.    

"Latvian Open Amber Cup 2017"

was held 6-7th of October 2017 in the Riga's National Sports Arena in Riga. Latvian Taekwon-do Federation holds this tournament annually and every veryy successfully. 16 teams from nearest countries gathered at the Amber Cup this year. Competitors from Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Estonia, Finland are attend this event as usual and off cause  many Latvian clubs was represented in Amber cup 2017 too. The main Overall Team Cup won Estonian united team in  this year. Second was Latvian TKD Central School team and third team from Belarus.